Static roof vents are usually just that – static.

Let’s first look at the meaning of static from

  1. Pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary position.
  2. Showing little or no change
  3. Lacking movement, development or vitality.

When it comes to most static roof ventilators they are just that – static – sitting there and not doing anything and all three descriptions are very relevant.

Although there are static roof ventilation systems that buck the system, you could say No. 1 and No. 2 ring true stationary showing no change, however No. 3 could be no further from the truth than pigs may fly, sure they lack movement but that’s where they differ from 99% of static roof vents – there is a lot of movement going on you just can’t see it.

Universal Tile Ventilators and the Smoothline Ventilator System for corrugated colorbond are very vital – –

  1. Of relating to life
  2. Having remarkable energy, liveliness

These ventilator systems have been developed to harness all the principles for fluid dynamics – the study of gases and air in motion – convection, thermal and wind driven air flows and the venturi effect.

These ventilator systems are not just something over a hole in the roof, they have been aerodynamically designed to harness all these principles and work very well to keep you cool in summer and your roofspace dry for all seasons.

The best most economic most effective roof ventilation systems on the market with a guarantee – our roof ventilators will not blow out, will not leak, will last the life of your roof or longer – anything else is a compromise.