If you have moisture pooling on your ceiling or condensation running down your bedroom walls there could be a number of problems, however the major problem for moisture on the ceiling and condensation running down the walls is either – no roofspace ventilation or ineffective roofspace ventilation such as whirlybirds etc.

The ceiling will develop moisture problems when the roofspace above it has no effective roofspace ventilation to circulate the ambient air between the ceiling and the roof covering.

The heat that escapes from the inside of the home into the roofspace, this rises and comes in contact with the underside of the roof covering it immediately condenses into moisture – this phenomenon is called the dew point.

This moisture then collects on insulation and settles on the ceiling building up and running down the walls.  Large volumes of water can be produced from the excessive moisture in the heated air being locked inside the roofspace, hence water stains on ceilings and literally running down the walls. This dampness is a major problem leading to mould growth and Sick Building Syndrome – there is plenty of information on this site regarding mould growth as well as Sick Building Syndrome.

So what are you to do to rid yourself of this condensation problem?  You will need to install an effective roof ventilation system to dry the roofspace 24/7 365 days a year.

So how can we reduce this winter hazard - Universal Tile Ventilator Systems are the only ventilation systems that have inlets and outlets to effectively allow the ambient air to flow through your roofspace and remove all the moisture from the unwanted heated air in your roofspace – the damage to building materials in the roof can be horrendous.  See also on Menu: Warning Read This Before You Design Your Next House.