Roof vents come in many forms however we should be looking for a roof ventilation system, these also come in many forms, so what are we to do?

First we should be looking at what we will achieve from performance to affordability and not forgetting longevity.

Let’s start with performance, you need a system that will keep you cooler in summer and halt the problems of moisture damage in the roof cavity due to high humidity and condensation in the winter months.

So it is obvious that a single roof vent alone will not be able to achieve the aforementioned performance as you need two roof vents to tango. So therefore you should look to a system of a pair of roof vents of the same volume to achieve effective results.

Looking on the affordability side of the equation there is no point on wasting money on a system that does not work for you, do your homework to find the best roof vent system to suit your needs. This will give you the most affordable value for your money.

Moving along to longevity, taking all things into consideration performance, affordability and longevity – roof vents made from non-combustible metal will give you the best value for consistent performance as well as against all the elements of nature – solar rays, bushfires and longevity.

Roof vents made from plastics get eaten up by solar rays. Generally last to a maximum of seven years and then need to be replaced. Plastic roof vents do not perform as well as metal and last but not least will go up in a puff of smoke with bushfires.

In the 2003 bushfires in Canberra bushfires reached well into the inner suburbs, almost anywhere in Australia has a bushfire BAL rating.

In Conclusion – We recommend a roof vent system with a pair of roof vents of the same volume, a system that gives value for money and is made from strong, non-combustible metal.