When choosing a colour for your corrugated metal roof, buyer beware when choosing colours.

The manufacturers of these products are forever changing the name of some colours, discontinuing others and introduce new colours that don’t necessarily become popular, so hence they are disposed of.

Why they introduce new colours that do not differ much from what is already available, discontinue or change the name of a colour just for the sake of it, beats me.

It is obviously a ploy to keep most of the market to themselves and make it really hard for roofing companies and the end user to match their roofing colour after the fact the colours no longer exist.

When this problem arises the powdercoaters come to fruition they will generally purchase the discontinued colour, however if you only want a small object powdercoated to match your roof you will be hit with a minimum charge generally around $100.  Then there is another problem when a new colour is introduced it takes a fair while before the powdercoaters will stock the new colour – at $350 a box.

The problem with discontinuing, giving different names to the same colours and introducing colours that do not differentiate to a large degree from existing colours causes much confusion and makes it hard for everyone involved except the manufacturers of these products.


  • Ongoing costs to you the end user.
  • Manufacturers of after-market products for small orders, have to pay the powdercoaters minimum charge for new colours - END COST TO YOU.
  • Sheetmetal companies will not stock coils of new colours – so they fold flashings out of uncoloured sheet and get them powerdercoated at extra cost – END COST TO YOU.
  • Roofers will get stuck with coloured screws they may never be able to use again – as screws are sold by the 1,000 you may have to pay for 2,000 screws and only need 1,400 – END COST TO YOU.

There are many other scenarios that could cost the end user these are just a few, that’s enough don’t you think?

So can you see the method in the madness of continually introducing new colours and discontinuing some colours – removing competition.

So be wary ask your roofer or builder when purchasing a colour for your corrugated metal roof, find out what colours are constantly used colours with a long history of use.  Then you will always be able to purchase flashings and value added products etc to match.

The main consideration in choosing a colour for your corrugated metal roof is to choose a lighter colour – light greys, light greens and off whites will give you a much cooler roof than the darker colours.  This should be your top consideration when choosing colour remember you want your roof to look appealing however also functional, there are many conventional colours that are both appealing and functional do we need 40 shades of grey, so why change the system when it’s not broken?