There is no alternative to clay brick, of course there are the alternatives of choice.  However nothing really compares to clay brick whether solid or veneer, for example there is nothing to compare to the ability of bricks to cool down much quicker than any other products during the extended summer months.  Clay bricks endurance and maintenance free capability the protection from the elements and when weighed up against others with the thermal capability nothing else compares.

The maintenance free capacity of solid clay brick or clay brick veneer far outweigh the others – blue board, stucco, weather board or any other type of siding as well as the noise factor these products allow. 

Then there are lightweight composite and aerated blocks, these have been designed for much colder climates such as Germany among others.  The thermal quality is great for cold climates when heat is needed to be kept in the home, however not so great in the summer of Australia when you want to keep the heat out.

The only possible drawback with clay brick is the cost and labour, but in saying that with all the problems and ongoing maintenance for the others brick will be cheaper in the long run.

Clay bricks – maintenance free, the best barrier to the elements of nature, endurance and are unlike others in the fact they are recyclable at the end of the buildings life.

You can knock a house down with an excavator and still recycle the clay bricks, others will just be trashed.

For a cooler home in summer use brick and make sure to ventilate your roof.