It is a forgone conclusion that any mortgage holder will be looking to protect their castle.

So therefore there will be the need to protect your castle from the elements of nature as the first defence.

We should look at the necessity to keep an update to painted surfaces, such as exterior timber, fascias, barge boards, timber windows etc etc.  Then you have the roof with the multiples of possibilities for damage from the elements.

Firstly, keeping gutters clean will be a necessity.  Reasons – by keeping gutters clean from debris will make them last much longer, clean at least 3 times a year, will keep them working efficiently for many decades.  Also by keeping gutters clean the possibility of bushfire entry is kept at a minimum.

Moving up the roof, this is one of the most vulnerable areas of your castle to keep protected from the elements of Mother Nature.  The roof takes the brunt of all weather extremes, large storm cells, cyclones, high winds in some cases showers of wind driven ember attack from bushfires from a far and most of all the constant barrage of thermal rays from the sun.  So it stands to reason that the roof stays maintained in tip top condition.  

All protusions through the roof should be able to withstand all the pressures from the elements of Mother Nature.  So it is therefore reasonable to expect that any protusion through the roof is able to withstand all these natural pressures.

It would be most desirable to have the protusions as low to the roof as possible, to be able to hang onto the roof under any circumstance of Mother Nature to not leak, blow out or be susceptible to ember attack.

These requirements are the basic reality for roof ventilators, if you want to protect your castle from the elements.

We suggest the best maintenance free roof for your castle is a corrugated colorbond roof with an effective roof ventilation system to keep the problems of condensation and humidity moisture out of the roofspace.

So in conclusion protect your castle with a well maintained painting regime, a colorbond or zincalume metal corrugated roof.  Keep the gutters clean, this will stop the decay and make them last for many decades – do not consider gutter guards – check out Blog on this site – “Do I need Gutter Guards”.  Furthermore compliment your corrugated colorbond roof with an effective roof ventilation system that will not blow out, will not leak, is low profile, will keep you cool in summer and your roofspace dry 24/7.