These are ventilators for tiled roofs as well as the Smoothline ventilator system for corrugated colorbond roofs.  These ventilators are unique in the world, that they are really unobtrusive with the design capability that has not existed in previous types of ventilators.

The design capability of the Universal Tile Ventilators have given these ventilators the enormous advantage to generate an outcome for positive roof ventilation that no other ventilator has been able to achieve.  The features within the design of Universal Tile Ventilators have utilized the principles of fluid dynamics.

Unlike most ventilators they sit very low to the roof becoming part of the roof so high winds even cyclonic and large storm cells simply pass over them.  They cannot blow out, they do not leak and best of all they will achieve you a cooler home during the summer months and your ceiling space will be drier 365 days a year.