Universal Tile Ventilators are suppliers of roof ventilation products for homes with tiled roofs and colorbond corrugated roofs.  These are unique products for the ventilation of the roofspace for the cooling of homes during the summer months and keeping the roofspace dry the rest of the year.

What is unique about these roof ventilation systems is that they are very low to the roofline becoming part of the roof system, they work extremely well to keep a good circulation throughout the roofspace stopping the heat buildup that would normally be the case with no roof ventilation or an ineffective roof ventilator or fan depending on some other form of inlet air.

We are suppliers that distribute throughout Australia via Australia Post.  Contact us, give us your details we will look you up on the internet and give you the amount of ventilators that you would need for the ventilation of your particular roofspace.  Our ventilation systems have proven to be effective in every geographic area of Australia.

As well as being suppliers of roof ventilation, we have designed and manufacture all of our products.  With 50 years in the roofing industry we have the experience to know how to effectively remove all the problems of the roofspace, so when thinking about roof ventilation make sure you get value for your hard earned dollars.

Get your roof ventilation products supplied by Universal Tile Ventilators, you will be glad you did.