Summer heat and skillion roofs, don’t go together like a horse and carriage, quite the contrary. Low pitched roofs and skillion roofs may look nice to the beholder very modern, not really, low pitched and skillion roofs have been around since Adam was a boy.

Skillion roofs in summer make the whole home a sweat box. If you want to look modern and have a two storey home with a skillion roof prepare to sleep downstairs in summer, as it will be unbearable upstairs. It is a known fact that skillion and low pitched roofs are unbearable in the height of the summer months.

As well as the unbearable conditions in the summer months skillion roofs are notorious for condensation problems in winter. So you should way up the pros and cons for a skillion roof when you are looking for the modern look at the expense of your comfort and the end dollar result.

You could roast in summer and empty your bank account in remedial costs due to condensation problems in winter. Believe me I’ve seen all the disasters with this type of roof during my 50 years in the roofing industry.

To come to the point summer heat and skillion roofs – we are now in El Nino, it is forecast to be more excessive than the El Nino’s of 1982 and 1997. The El Nino we are now in surpasses all global heat records, August 2015 has been the hottest August in 124 years since recording, the trend is for abnormally warm conditions to continue.

So the coming summer is shaping up to be a real sizzler, so when you are contemplating having a modern home with a modern skillion roof think again.

Take my advice on board and consider the alternative of a pitched gable or hip roof, get second and third opinions as you should when you see your specialist doctors, do your own investigation enquire with people who are living in these overheated structures. Talk to more than one so you get a good perspective on the subject.

My recommendation is for a pitched gable or hip roof incorporating an effective roof ventilation system, this way you can be assured you have the best possible result for your hard earned dollars.