There are many blogs for roof ventilation on this site regarding the effect that roof ventilators will have on your building materials, your health and the comfort you will receive from an effective roof ventilation system – to cool the home in summer, keep the roofspace dry from condensation and/or humidity moisture 24/7 all year round, to give you energy savings etc.

So we have decided to give you our top ten most read blogs in numerical order from 1 to 10 as follows:-

  1. Warning! Read Before you Design Your Next Housing Project.
  2. Very Happy Customer
  3. Roof Ventilation for Bushfire Areas
  4. The Importance for Ducting Bathrooms
  5. Bushfire Roof Vents
  6. A Message to Builders in Victoria
  7. Cooling Your House Without Air Con
  8. Do Roof Ventilators Work
  9. 99 out of 100 Homes in Australia Do Not Have Effective Roofspace Ventilation
  10. How Can You Design A Good Roof Ventilator If You Know Nothing About Roofing

Collectively these 10 blogs have been read a total of 21,221 times. However we have many more blogs on roof ventilation on this site as well as many others that may be of interest on other subjects that we have good knowledge of due to our 50 years experience in the building industry. For example blog titles – “Sealing Your Ceiling”. “Building A House”. “Precautions For Putting Up Christmas Lights”. “Thermal Creep”. “Understanding BAL Ratings”. “Home Security Measures”. “Buying An Established House”. “Sarking Roof Tiles”. “Cooling Your House Without Air Conditioning”. “Solar Panels Or Not”. There are many more blogs to choose from that may be of interest to you, so as well as a roof ventilation blog there is much more to help you if you are considering buying or building your own home.

If you are looking for the most cost effective best roofspace ventilating system in the world, you are here look no further than Universal Tile Ventilators for tiled roofs and our Smoothline Ventilation System for corrugated colourbond roofs.