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14 April 2015


Summers in Australia used to be hot days, and sauna evenings. During summer months our concrete roof tiles are happily pushing their excess heat to the dark sky, and down into our roof and house well after 2:00am in the morning. The outdoor night was cool, but inside we were baking. Our only solution was to run the air-conditioning early and all night.

That's crazy, how can it be acceptable that the outside is cool, the wind blowing air through the house, but the inside of the house stifling hot?

Stand underneath the insulation batts, and you can feel the heat radiating off the roof.

It was too expensive to replace the concrete tiles, the "paint" solutions sounded too magical and the neighbour's whirly birds are a serious noise hazard, screeccchh. The neighbours eventually replaced their whirly birds with newer ones.

It was amazing the difference installing the Universal Tile Ventilators made. You can literally feel the difference under the roof. If a good Sydney summer breeze is blowing, we just leave the windows open and the house stays cool. We still use air-conditioning when the outdoors is hot or a breeze non-existent, but this is significantly different than running the air-conditioning day and night without the Universal Tile Ventilators.

The team was very helpful with by newbie questions, even reviewing where on my roof to place the tiles. Value for money is awesome.

Heartily recommend this device to all my family and friends. Jack Yuen and his team installed in and I'm sweet.

Sam Taufa