Having a house built by a builder does not make a house a home. The builder will build you a house, however it is the occupier that makes it a home. He or she, generally a he, the builder will build on your block or his, take out all the council governance and criteria that is necessary and furnish you with a signed contract for a packaged deal. Generally conveying to you that the home will be completed in three months and any extras over the packaged deal are going to come in at an extra cost. However in general it will take at least 3-4 months longer and you could be looking at up to 25% extra costs over the packaged deal.

Builders are notorious for not wanting to include extras above what they are used to or even adhere to some mandated changes, for example if you are thinking of incorporating an effective roof ventilation system within the package their answer to this will be to supply one whirly bird, which of course will do nothing to ventilate your roof cavity. See Case Studies & Reports on this site “Whirlybirds don’t Work”. However there are also a lot of good builders that have a conscious and will supply you with an effective roof ventilation system.

Why do you need an effective roof ventilation system? See Blog on this site “Warning! Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project”.

There are many blogs on this site that will be of help to the homeowner to make a house a home.

Hope this has been of help to prospective home owners, you need to make sure you get what you want.

For very effective roof ventilation look no further than Universal Tile Ventilators for tiled roofs and Smoothline® Ventilators for corrugated colorbond roofs.