So you’re thinking of building a home for you and your family, just what sort of information are you looking for? Pricing, house plans, unless you’re an owner builder and have had some schooling most builders will instruct you on how they would build your home and generally will do whatever they want to do once you have signed a contract.

You can consult with the MBA or the HIA and they will have displays or products you can have installed in your new home and are of little use for giving you information – after all they are there for the builders not you.

So if you are looking for unbiased information that will really help you with your new home project you need to look no further than our BLOG – you will find information there that you can’t get from anywhere else that will inform you how you can put your own stamp on your new home build. What are the perils and pitfalls of a lot of new building tactics, how you can end up with a better more comfortable home for you and your family.

To be able to put your own stamp on your new build and how to secure your new home what to look out for when installing solar panels etc, etc, etc with more than 90 BLOGS relative to building a home – you won’t go wrong.