Some of the success stories from our Testimonials section from our site for the Smoothline ventilator for corrugated colorbond roofs and the Universal Tile Ventilator for tiled roofs.

Mark – Qbyn NSW
After installing 4 Smoothline ventilators in my very steep colorbond roof I found they have made a difference inside my top storey bedrooms of 6°. I am very happy with this result it has increased our summer comfort quite remarkably.

Carolyn, Waramanga – ACT
Having installed Universal Tile Ventilators 2 years after moving into my new dual occupancy home, on the front of a knock down rebuild block I was quite amazed at the results that I have received from installing the tile ventilators. I now find that I rarely use my heating and air conditioning, this is a great product I highly recommend it.

Ken and Bev – Canberra
Hi Kevin, After seeing your invention on The New Inventors TV program, we engaged you to install your tile ventilators in our roof in Nov 2006. It’s a marvelous invention and Ken and I are so glad we had our roof done. We just slide the Brivis heating control to ‘Cool’ and ‘Fan’ and we get the cool evening air, thanks to you, and cheaper than running the Daikon airconditioner. You should have been named ‘Inventor of the Year’ on the New Inventors – you certainly had my vote.

Steve – “Windamere” Shearsby Road – Yass NSW
I would like to thank Kevin for his knowledge in roofing and ventilation. I noticed a water mark on our ceiling which turned out to be a massive condensation problem in our roof. We live outside Yass and winters can be extreme, the south east corner was the problem as it was the first to lose the sun and the last place the ice would melt in the morning. Having two wood heaters and ducted gas going all the time created a perfect condensation mix with the outside temps ranging from 7 to +11 in winter. After taking Kevins advice I put in 9 smoothline units on our tin roof and the effect was instant and dramatic, no condensation and you can feel the warm “wet” air escaping from the top of the ridge line. We also don’t need the gas heating on anymore. Our house is quite well insulated but I look forward to summer and a much cooler house with hot air streaming out of the roof space for free no wind required just Kevins common sense.

Mr McLennan – Bundaberg Qld
Lives in an extreme bushfire area, virtually in the middle of a forest, the builders would not install whirlybirds or eaves vents because of the house location. He found the best product for his application was the Smoothline Ventilator System. After installing the Smoothline Ventilator System he was very happy with the results. He says his house is 50 to 60% more comfortable particularly at night, a very happy customer.

Bob & Kath – Melbourne
We have just recently been experiencing really bad condensation in our tiled roof with the water running down the walls in three bedrooms with resulting mould. We found out we needed to have ventilation. A friend told us about the Universal Tile Ventilators we had 6 installed in our modest home. End of problem, no more condensation these vents are nothing short of amazing what a fantastic idea, I will definitely spread the word.

Frank – Queanbeyan NSW
These smoothline ventilators for corrugated roofs are absolutely amazing. After removing the whirly birds that did not work, and were quite ugly we had the smoothlines fitted to our roof. The results were amazing, nice and cool in summer, warm in winter and removed our mould and mildew problem. Very happy customer.

John – Watson ACT
Having a two storey extension above our house during the hotter months of summer by 11 am the banister railing was hot to touch, all the furniture upstairs was hot to touch and we used to sleep downstairs in the summer as upstairs was unbearable, just walking up six stairs would take your breath away. After installing the Universal Tile Ventilators the railing and the furniture were no longer hot. We now sleep upstairs all year round. I highly recommend this product.

Denise & David – Mandurah WA
Hi, we just wanted to give you some feedback with regards to the Smoothline Ventilators just recently supplied. We are very pleased with the immediate results, a marked difference in our upstairs room temperature is noted, as well as in the evening how quickly the area cools down. My husband installed them easily as per your instructions. We also like the discreet look of them, they blend in so well to the roofline. I have attached a couple of photos for you. We wish you every success with your business, you have a great product.

Looking at Case Studies & Reports on this site there is a good read by Kelly Burke of Consumer Affairs – “Fears Home Insulation Boom Creates A Climate Where Fungi Flourish”. Also on Case Studies & Reports check out “Smoothline Case Study” showing the performance of Smoothline tests or “26% Energy Savings” as well as the Smoothline as a “Green Pages Favourite Product”. Then check out our BLOG for “Warning! Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project”. This is a great read if you are planning a home or considering building a home, there is abundant information on our BLOGS if you are going to build.

Last but not least check out this email from a very happy customer:

Very Happy Tile Ventilation Customer

So when your ready for roof ventilation remember do it before you have a problem.
The Universal Tile Ventilators for tiled roofs and Smoothline Ventilator for corrugated colorbond roofs.