Was the Home Insulation Scheme a good idea or not? Well in theory yes it was a good idea in practice it was definitely not. Due to the fact there were many dodgy installers getting on the band wagon, seeing the Scheme as the Holy Grail their chance to strike it rich.

Every man and his dog saw this Scheme as if it were a gold strike and for some it was, others lost out, even the largest companies got into the act. However being virtually uncontrolled by the authoritive body, rip offs were rife as was sub-standard work. There were 94 house fires and worst of all, without professional training 4 young men lost their lives. Consequently a Royal Commission into the home insulation program was established by the Australian Federal Government on the 12 December 2013. The findings of this Royal Commission have found that Peter Garrett and Prime Minister Rudd were certainly negligent in their handling of the insulation scheme although they will not be prosecuted however public servants may well be prosecuted. Living in Canberra and knowing how top public servants always make a scapegoat out of their lower ranks looks like tall poppies won’t be cut I wonder who will be, obviously it does not all come out in the wash. Check out Case Studies and Reports on this site “Fears Home Insulation Boom”.

It was quite amazing at the time however we actually got quite a lot of sales for our ventilation systems, from people who were recipients of the Home Insulation Scheme – there claim to us was since the insulation was installed their home was hotter than it was when they had no insulation.

Is ceiling insulation a good idea? Yes it is however without an effective roof ventilation system it is like a ship without a rudder.

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For effective roof space ventilation you need the Universal Tile Ventilator for tiled roofs and the Smoothline Roof Ventilation System for corrugated colorbond roofs.