QUESTION – Do roof vents work? This is a very good question and how do you choose what roof ventilation system best to suit your needs.

Well there are many in the marketplace to choose from so how do you choose when – you can have too much ventilation or too less, the wrong kind or even two kinds that do not work well together.

Most roof ventilators in Australia depend on inlet air from eaves vents – this is a good example of two kinds of ventilation that do not work well together, if at all. Then there is the other problem of having ventilators in the roofspace without any inlets at all.

For roof ventilation to work at all you must have one vent to allow air to enter the roofspace and another one to allow the stale moist air to leave the roofspace, makes sense doesn’t it – “Basic Physics”.

A classic example of a stand-alone ventilator that could not possibly work is the whirly vents. Sure they go round and round but what do they actually do, not much – again another placebo effect product. See on this site, Case Studies & Reports – “Whirlybirds Don’t Work”.

Then you have static stand- alone roof ventilators, that sit on the roof or ridge without any inlets to allow the ambient air to flow through the roofspace.

So now you know you need inlets and outlets in the roofspace to allow the ambient temperature to circulate the roofspace to effectively ventilate your roof.

ANSWER – Universal Tile Ventilators for tile and colorbond corrugated roofs tick all the boxes for you to have the right amount, the right type of roof ventilation that works in cohesion within its own system – you can’t beat that.